"Jujube is because it is not finished, it will be put it inside. You can not put it. Only use apples and hawthorn, boiled sugar sour, delicious."


Main material Apple, more than a dozen hawthorn, more than a dozen jujubes, 300g of pure water,


Rock sugar is about 20g, sour sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Apple Hawthorn Sugar Practice Steps

1 jujube and hawthorn wash.

2 Determine.

3 Apple washing.

4 peeled.

5 ding.

6 zoom in jujube.

7 Hawthorn finally put it.

Put pure water.

9 rock sugar.

10 fire cook for 10 minutes to change the fire.

11 cook for 10 minutes.

12 放 山 楂, change the fire.

13 Cook to the hawthorn rupture.

14 finished products.