"Long-term office life caused a layer of swim ring on the stomach, a little thicker, and eventually growing into a small belly, affecting good health. If you want to make your feelings, you can slim your stomach, Then come to the cup of cucumber pineapple juice for dinner. "


Animated cucumber, 1/2 (peeling), excipient salt, delicious taste, other process, 10 minutes, simple difficulty,

Practices for pineapple juice

1 The supermarket bought a peeled pineapple, a HALF, poured into the container, adding a cool soup and salt stirring, so that the salt is fully integrated, soak an hour.

2 Cucumber Wash the surface of the kitchen paper, cut into the cupping machine with a knife.

3 Soak a nice pineapple to remove the cooking machine.

4 Cover the cover to pick up the button, make delicate fruit juice, pour into the cup.

5 I will lose weight and drink pineapple cucumber juice is done, try it.


1, cucumber and pineapple have slimming, sewage and tears, so drinking cucumber pineapple juice can play the effect of weight loss. 2, you can add honey according to your own taste, but I prefer the original taste. 3, you can add other you like the fruit.