"Dragon fruit, sweet succulent nutrients are unique. It contains small plant-like plant albumins and anthocyanins, rich vitamins and water soluble dietary fibers. With weight loss, lower cholesterol, prevent constipation and other effects. EspeciallyThe variety of red meat contains anthocyanin, and anthocyanin is an effective antioxidant that effectively prevents blood vessel hardening, thereby preventing heart attack and blood clot formation of the brain in the brain. It also fights free radicals,Effective anti-aging. It can also improve the prevention of brain cell degeneration and inhibit the occurrence of dementia. "


Neighbor to red heart dragon fruit, 1 spoon of excipient honey, 300ml cool white open, original taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practical steps for floral juice

1 red heart dragon fruit.

2 cut.

3 Dudout the flesh.

4 plus 1 spoonful tree honey, 300ml cool open water.

5 is squeezed into juice.

6 Take the seed with the hedge, the juice is more beautiful.

7 Fire Dragon juice is particularly nutritious.