"Many people say that losing weight is too painful, not only to die, but also to drink all kinds of fruits and vegetables, today, Tiger moms will share a good health drink: apple cucumber juice."


The main cucumber 100g, Apple 120g, excipient original yogurt 190g, sour taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Apple cucumber juice practice steps

1 Prepare the ingredients;

2 Wash the cucumber and apple and then cut into small Ding;

3 Each Half cucumber and apple are put into the mixing cup of the juicer;

4 poured into the original yogurt;

5 Install the juicer (put the juicer base in the stirring cup, tighten to the opposition point);

6 Double click Start button;

7 Juicer started working, shaking in the left and right, easily stirring the knife and smashed the apple and cucumber;

8 Then let the juicer continue to juice and automatically stop after running 35 seconds;

9 After being squeezed, put the machine inverted the machine, unscrew the stirred cup and pour the juice;

10 The finished product is delicious and delicious, the taste is very good.


1. Apple, cucumber and yogurt use according to your preferences; The amount is the quantity of the TWO cup, so it is divided by TWO.