"The grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which can lower the cholesterol in the blood. When you catch a cold, you are still very good. It is really a fruit that is suitable for eating. Honey pomelo will be a little sour, so you have to match it. Sweet fruit, add some sugar, hit the juice, sweet and very appetizing, so the family loves to drink. Color powder, special discussion. "


Main material Apple, honey pomelo 2 petals, accessories fine sugar 10 grams, drinking water is appropriate, sour taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practical steps for honeyprises apple juice

1 Prepare a honey pomelo and apple.

2 Take the honey federal skin with a knife, and the hands are very easy to stay in the side of the TWO.

3 Remove the white white white and put the small piece into the mixer. The time is long, and the moisture of honeyprous pomelo seems to have lost a lot.

4 Apple peel, go to the core, cut small pieces, and put it in the mixer.

5 Add an appropriate amount of sugar and water, place it on the host, start the power supply, and take the juice in ten seconds.

6 If you want more delicate taste, you can filter out the rusdom with the screen. Because it is high-speed operation, there is a little bubble is normal.