"Haha ~ I did a drink at home today, and the watermelon waves tea, the steps were simple, and the happiness of the summer, a Half was given by watermelon, and the other Half is watermelon."


Ingredients Jasmine green tea soup 250ml, detonated point of ice sugar 40ml, seedless watermelon 120g, excipient ice cubes 260g, crisp wave 50g, other taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Watermelon Boker practice steps

1 Add crunchy wave

2 Add seedless watermelon

3 mash-free watermelon

4 Add Ice Cubes

5 pour Jasmine tea soup

6 pour the ice sugar

7 Xueke uniform

8 pour it into the cup

9 Watermelon Bohu Tea is doing it.


Tips: Watermelon should pick a seedless watermelon as possible, and seeds will affect the experience of drinks.