"Summer all kinds of juice are the most popular, the Great Emperor's portable juice cup, the color of powder is the favorite of the girl, the 300ml capacity is just right, don't have a minute, let us drinkA delicious juice is very suitable for office workers, it is more convenient to do juice. "


Main material mango 500g, excipient mineral water 200ml, sweet flavor, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Mango juice practice steps

1 Prepare materials.

2 mango peeled small pieces

3 put mango into the juice cup

4 pour it into the mineral water

5 Cover the lid to twist, double click on the switch.

6 Pumping the cup and starting juice, keeping the cup in the process of playing the cup, quickly finishing juice.

7 After hitting, twig the cover and drink it into the cup.


This juice cup is relatively small and light, it is very convenient, charged into the bag, you can drink fresh and delicious juice at any time, very practical.