"At the moment, it is a lot of golden peaches, and the sweetness of the yellow peach is super delicious, and Golden Peach will not cause discomfort or allergy, but the baby begins to add complementary food. It is a little bit to add, a little bit to try. The baby's teeth are not full, so I want to eat gold peach or need to be a juice. "


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Practice steps for yellow peach juice

1 Prepare the food you need, the yellow peach is clean, the outer surface of the yellow peach has hair, so be sure to clean the peach hair, or you will itch.

2 peeled the yellow peach, then decline, cut the yellow peach as a small piece.

3 Chopped yellow cargo flesh is put in the end of the Great Portable juice machine, pay attention to not installing too much.

4 Cover the cover, double-click the power switch, and then put the Yellow juice into juice.

5 yellow peaches will not be too much, so the good juice is relatively thick, so there will be more time, it is necessary to sway the juice cup when necessary.

6 The good yellow juice poured into the container.

7 Fig 7, placed on the yellow peach juice, now you can take it slowly.


1. The choice of the yellow peach is slightly soft, so it is easier to get juice. 2. The yellow peach is oxidative, so you need to have a beautiful color to drink it as soon as possible.