"There is nothing less watermelon juice in this summer, especially in autumn, the watermelon is big and sweet, my family is almost judged almost every day, sweet should not do, but also the good quality, rich nutrient, especially refreshing appetite."


The main amount of watermelon, the applied water, sweet taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Freshly squeezed watermelon juice

1 Watermelon HALF, enough family to squeeze a cup

2 Watermelon cut 1 cm size is more square, you can make a bigger, watermelon is easy to judge, pay attention to the watermelon.

3 Juice Cup is clean.

4 Put watermelum butter in the stirring cup, this season's watermelon is particularly sweet, nothing to add, original, refreshing appetite.

5 The bottom is shocked in the hand, which comes out. Many soup.

6 Pay attention to the charge, cover the main cover, must be tightened, and the green light is on.

7 Double-click switch to start the power supply, pay attention to slow down the juice machine, shake the juice, shaking at the angle of 45 degrees, a single working time is 38 seconds, and the watermelon juice can be completed once, and the taste is particularly cool.

8 squeezed watermelon juice into the cup, you can drink, you can't do it, drink it directly, take care of it.


1, the portable juice cup is very convenient, remember to charge the juice machine in advance again. 2, the needle of the ingredients of the fruit juice requires the need to remove the fruit core, and the seeds are required to fall, and the Ding or smaller of the 1cm square is more easily broken. 3