"Summer is here to start."


Significant egg yolk 3, light cream 200ml, accessories pure milk 15ml,


35g of white sugar, sweet flavor, frozen process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Ice cream practice steps

1 Light cream used eggbeater to get to large bubbles to add 5G white sugar, continue to send to delicate bubbles and then add 5G white sugar, and send to a ripple and add 5G white sugar to the lifting of a sharp corner.

2 is like this, refrigerated in the refrigerator.

3 milk pots were placed in 3 egg yolk.

4 egg yolk was added to 15 ml of pure milk and mix well, and 20 g of white sugar continued to stir well.

5 Put the milk pot to heat on the gas stove, stir the heating edge, stir until thick, and let it cool.

6 Take a Half whipped cream into the egg yolk paste.

7 Pour the mixed egg yellow paste into the light cream.

8 Prepare three ice cream boxes, pour the ice cream into the box, vibrate the air bubble, vain, and put it in the refrigerator for three or four hours.

9 times, I took it out, soft soft, sweet and fragrant ice cream is doing it.