"Yogurt ice cream, the sweetness is quite right, refreshing, thick, but it is not greasy. Especially the raspberry, not only add a little purple, but also make the ice cream have fruit. Suddenly bite it. Raspberry granules, sweet and sour make the ice cream have a lively. The ice cream they do, use such materials, no ice, sweet and sour, and the price is cheap. "


The main material is 110 grams of thick yogurt, 110 grams of cream cheese, 9 excipients,


30 grams of fine sugar, sour taste, other processes, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practices for sour baby cheeberry ice cream

1 All materials are ready, the ice cream mold is also ready, and the stick is inserted into the mold.

2 Substated with softened cream millet millet, pour the fine sugar, and make a smooth shape with an electric egg.

3 Pour the homemade sugar-free raw yogurt into the cream cheese, mix evenly with an electric egg.

4 Pour the raspberries into the cheese yogurt, and the amount can be adjusted with your own like, or it can be replaced with other soft fruits.

5 Crush the berries with a doctor, juice is mixed with the cheese yogurt, there is a slight purple, and the fruit can keep some complete.

6 With a small spoon to pour the cheese yogurt raspberry plum into the ice cream mold, 10 points, and send it to the refrigerator for a few hours until it is completely solidified.

7 yoghurt cheese raspberry ice cream, sweet and soul!


1. I use the homemade original thick yogurt, there is no sugar inside, put 30 grams of fine sugar in the ice cream, the fine sugar feels sweet; if you use the commercially available original yogurt, you can properly reduce the sugar; in addition, the commercially available Yogurt is relatively thin, and there must be some adjustments in the proportion of cream cheese; 2. Fruit can be replaced with a variety of fruits you like.