Ingredients sweet bean 120g, milk 250ml, Glutinous Rice powder 20g, excipient water,


20g of sugar, sweet flavor, freezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Red bean milk ice cream practice steps

1 Homemade Red Honey Beans, Milk, Glutinous Rice Powder.

2 honey beans are placed in the pot.

3 Pour the milk.

4 cooked.

5Glutinous Rice powder plus appropriate amount of water to form a powder.

6Glutinous Rice slurry poured into the pot.

7 pour it in sugar.

8 Constantly stirred up to stick, just get rid of a big bubble.

9 Prepare ice cream molds.

10 Pour the dried red beans in the mold.

11 Sashping the flat.

12 Cover the lid and fall into the refrigerator for 5 hours.

13 finished products.In the summer, in addition to air conditioning, Wifici, of course, there is ice cream