"Heat, do some ice cream to cool the heat. Today's ice cream is equipped with super sweet pumpkins, and the taste is good."


Mainly light cream 200g, yogurt 150g, 瓜 110g, accessories lotus powder 10g, water 60g,


Sugar 15g, milk flavor, other processes, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice for pukels ice cream

1 Refrigerated light cream plus sugar.

2 Develop a slightly flowing state.

3 Add yogurt.

4 is mixed evenly.

5 lotus seed powder first with about 20 grams of warm water and open.

6 Then add boiling water to stir until the transparent state, let it cool.

7 lotus seeds into cream.

8 is mixed evenly.

9 honeymel peeled peeled small particles.

10 Put the ice cream and mix evenly.

11 Pour into the container for more than 4 hours.

12 When you eat, you can dig the ball, make a boat with pumpkin, look better.


Tao melon is very sweet, don't put too much sugar.