"Before I heard that fried yogurt, I thought it was like an open fire. In fact, the fried yogurt was also called yogilly ice cream, because the ice machine should use a shovel, so it is called yogurt. Evolution to family production, from head to tail Without a shovel, just give yogurt and nuts, the fruit meat is mixed in the refrigerator, it is really simple, and it is very simple before and after a few minutes, there is no difficulty. "


Main material 1. 20 grams of blueberry, 20 grams of blueberry, 20 grams of mango, 20 grams of watermelon, oatmetic nuts, milk flavor, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Fried yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare the fruit like to eat, I will prepare blueberries, mango, watermelon, oatmeal dried fruit.

2 Prepare the 8-inch pizza grove pad on the plastic film, poured into the 8-fold yogurt (a little bit of yogurt).

3 Put your own fruit and oatmeal dried fruit, put it in the refrigerator.

4 How long does it take to see how much you get? It is too small. I was frozen on the eve of the night. The next day I can take it out to tear off the plastic film.

5 Frozen fried acid milk is taken out, cut into pieces according to preferences. It is recommended to eat much to eat, and the remaining part puts back into the refrigerator to continue to freeze.

6 fried yogurt is not particularly sweet, unlike ice cream and ice cream, the more you eat, the ice is full, and it is better than the ice cream.

7 Outside the fried milk is made with a special ice machine, but my method is simpler, use a plate + refrigerator! Big summer, with ice fried yogurt is the most enjoyable, in fact, you can do it yourself at home!

8 You can also match any nut fruit you want to eat, play your creativity!

9 Homemade fried yogurt, the taste is definitely not bad than the outside, mainly what you have done, you can try it!


1. After cutting, you will be more delicious. Fruits don't put the hard fruits of apple pears, and the fruits of soft dots are better. 2. The plate is suitable for a layer of plastic wrap. 3. Fruits can match themselves, add raisins or other other you like. 4. After you are good, you should eat as soon as possible, or you will be evacuated. 5. Such thick frozen yogurt is 2 bags of sour milk made in a 8-inch pizza disk. If you want to be thin, you can use the grilled pan to frozen. 6. What brand of yogurt can be like Mosley, cow cow, etc. 7. Yogurt is relatively thick, which does not have a layer of ice after the surface of the refrigeration.