"Heat, the children always love to eat ice cream and ice cream, I bought it, I don't worry, I will do this ice cream to eat. The practice is also super simple, ingredients are smashed with broken walls. OK.I don't put a lot of sugar, slightly sweet, like sweet can put more sugar. "


Ingredients 150g, pure milk 100g, whipped cream 30g,


Rock sugar 30g, milk flavor, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pathing steps of avocado ice cream

1 The vapor is cut longitudinally, and the reverse direction is turned on.

2 Remove the pulp cutting.

3 Cadrees, rock sugar and milk are placed in the broken wall and mix 20-30 seconds.

4 Stirdling the butter milk paste is very delicate.

5 Then pour the lasel oil to continue to stir for about 10 seconds.

6 Smooth ice cream paste is doing well.

7 Pour into the mold, refrigerate the refrigerator.

8 is freeze and release it.


I use a rock sugar or replace it with sugar or honey.I don't put the sugar, slightly sweet, like sweet can put more sugar.