"Jiaoyang roasted, everything seems to lose his life. Even the birds in the day, also quietly hid into the shade of the dense shade. The street is cold and clear, still like the wilderness of the suburbs. Occasionally a Che Fei Chi, only heard the sound of the wheel and ground friction, as the car is getting farther away. The only thing can be anxious, it is the trendy, it is tired of the lungs. Sound, it is telling people that hot summer is to prepare a glass of ice cream. Come on baby, move your hand, a cup of peach yogurt ice cream is given! "


Main material ice cream is appropriate, excipients, soy milk,


Chocolate broken amount, strawberry appropriate amount, other taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Pattern yogurt ice cream practice steps

1 First, you picked out from many fruits.

2 peeled.

3 Tripage, spared yogurt.

4 Put the pattine into the ice cream cup and prepare the rum taste ice cream.

5 pork poured into the proper yogurt, and then dig a spoonful of ice cream.

6 Sprinkle with chocolate and put it in a frozen strawberry.

7 to a bite, kiss!