"The ice is too delicate, and it is not enough to eat. Take the weekend baby, you can do some milk pudding ice cream, and the total points of other forests, save. Waiting for Dabao to school, Eubao sleeps, Slowly send a recipe, communicate with everyone, and as your own food notepad, I can't think of what I can do, turn over, there will be "spectra". "


Made of milk 250ml, marshmallow 50g, accessories butter 10g, Glutinous Rice powder (optional) 10g, honey beans (optional),


Light cream 100g, milk flavor, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Milk pudding ice cream practice steps

1 Just do the snowflake at the same time, the material is the same. convenient.

2 butter with this inner Mongolia, there is a lot of dosage (cakes, cakes), the price is affordable and not bad. The President is also used, and the formulation is small, mainly made bread.

3 can not add, I think add means are more delicious. But the finished product will not have a simple milk ice cream so white. Personal preferences.

4 molds are clean and water.

5 All materials are called well. Finally, mix the milk powder and a small amount of milk and mix evenly, and then pour the remaining materials into the non-stick pan. This will not cake, good operation.

6 cook until butter, marshmallow, milk powder melts.

7 Pour into the mold, and put some of the freezer.

After 86+ hours, take it out, take pictures, small potters secretly lick a bite, next day, look for his ice cream.

9 Add honey beans, there is no white and flawless face, but the taste is rich. Can also add chocolate beans. Do it yourself, eat your own people, change is fun, don't stand in the dogma.

10 Little White Rabbit White Red, TWO is eared.