"I used a variety of fruits, milk, cream, because there is no ice cream machine, so it is more time for handmade. Since I use ice cream powder, I feel more, I can make a sweet sink. Ice cream. Single eating ice cream seems to be a bit high, with crispy Chicken Rolls Wrap not more like a dessert shop? Even if there is no Chicken Rolls, use a spoon to eat, personal feelings more addictive! "


Significant mepers ice cream 100 grams, fresh milk 180 grams, excipient animal light cream 50 grams, sweet taste, baking process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Chicken rolls ice cream practice steps

1 Make ice cream in advance: 100 grams of teas to teach ice cream powder, 180 grams of pure milk, 50 grams of whipped cream; whipped cream can be replaced with an equal amount of cold water or milk.

2 milk, light cream and ice cream powder are in the same basin, mix evenly.

3 Uniform mix with hand, soon it will become a thick state.

4 After standing for 15 minutes, re-stir well, poured into the plastic box; cover the cover, refrigerated into the refrigerator for 3-5 hours until the frozen.

5 Use the same method to make a piece of strawberry flavor.

6 Use a spoon or ice cream spoon to dig the ball, put it in Chicken Rolls or can eat in the cup.

7 Homemade Chicken Rolls Ice Cream, Sweet, Chicken Rolls, crispy, affordable than desserts!


Ice cream powder has a recommended formula, with water, milk, light cream, and juice, there will be different taste and taste; because the milk cream is made, it is easy to melt, it is recommended to eat it as soon as possible after removal from the refrigerator;