"Haagen-Dazs ice cream is the" faucet boss "in the industry. People have no big relationship, but they have to pay" price ", so, they are still in the house, they want to achieve ice cream freedom. Today I am Let's first share the value ice cream of the colorful connotation, don't think it is difficult for the practice. Super - level - Jane - single! "


130 grams of main feeding dragon fruit, 150 grams of light cream, 150 grams of excipient milk, 2 egg yolk,


30 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, baking process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps for dragon fruit ice cream

1 material big shadow: light cream, milk, egg yolk, dragon fruit, fine sugar; use amount can be fine-tuning.

2 fine sugar pour into the egg yolk bowl.

3 After stirring, heating the heat in heat, so that the egg yolk is shallow.

4 Add milk to mix evenly, let it cool, then use it.

5 Fire Dragon fruit cutting blocks, rolling into the mud, there is a little particle to be tight.

6 Fire Dragon, milk egg yolk, light cream inserted into the ice cream, stirred blade, before loading or after loading, put the ice cream into the ice cream into the ice cream machine.

7 buckle the cover, select "Ice Cream" program, default 60 minutes, you can increase and decrease with your favorite taste, the fastest 40 minutes can have a soft ice cream, I used it for 50 minutes.

8 This is a state in making 25 minutes, and the volume has increased significantly.

9 This is the state of completion of 50 minutes, proper perfect ice cream, quickly dig a few spoons, enjoy it with your family!

10 Fortune Fruit Ice Cream, delicate and refreshing!


1. The amount of light cream is not less than the amount of milk, because the fluorine fruit has a lot of liquid content, and the amount of light cream is too small, which will affect the sweet taste of the ice cream; 2. Egg yolk needs to be heated directly or directly heat I can rest assured; 3. Beccui IC1280 ice cream machine helps us to achieve ice cream freedom at home, can make perfect ice cream in 40 minutes, time extended, ice cream will be more harder; 4. Since the material becomes solid Inflate, the material should not exceed 60% of the bucket.