"Spring is coming, green is full, come today, come to a tea ice cream, this tangant has always been my favorite 哟."


British milk sauce milk 85g, 1 egg yolk, fine sugar 15g, excipient whipped cream 80g, milk 18g, tube powder 6g, white chocolate 35g, milk flavor, other processes, hours, ordinary difficulties,

Practice for handmade tea ice cream

1 Prepare the required ingredients.

2 Pour the egg yolk and fine sugar into the egg tub, send to slight white.

3 milk poured into a small milk pot, cook a small boiling.

4 and then slowly poured into the egg yolk, stir while stirring to prevent agglomeration.

5 Pour the egg yolk into the pan, boil so thick, boil one side to stir hard, this process scraper is constantly mixing from the bottom, do not leave the corner. (The thermometer is monitored by about 82 ° C)

6 is separated from fire.

7 After the white chocolate melts, add a tea powder and mix well.

8 Matchae White is mixed with English milk sauce.

9 Pour the remaining lying lysted oil and milk, mix evenly.

10 Sinter again.

11 Pour into the ice cream machine and open the "alcohol thickness" gear.

12 Making delicious tea ice cream, soft, can be eaten directly, or put into the mold.


Matcha ice cream with point honey red beans, super praise, more combination, how do you like it!