"The weather is getting hotter and hot, the highest temperature in Beijing has reached more than 20 degrees, so the heart of my love to eat ice cream begins to move, this year is different from previous years, the child is big, and I can eat ice cream with me. So I entered the ice cream machine, this summer, my own DIY ice cream, can also interact with my child, share the taste of the tea today, do not add egg version, once the TWO cup is just right, the color is beautiful, the tea taste is very strong, personal representation like very much."


Made of milk 90g, excipient toth tea powder 3G,


Fine sugar 20g, corn starch 10g, milk 30g, whipped cream 50g, original taste, other processes, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of tangible tea ice cream

1 Prepare materials, add 90 grams of pure milk and 3 grams of tea powder into milk pot, fine sugar and corn starch, ready to be light cream and another 30 grams of pure milk.

2 tubame powder and milk are mixed, and it is small to heat to the edge of the milk pot.

3 Pour in corn starch and fine sugar, small fire, not stirring and heating.

4 until the thick state of milk, shut down.

5 Pour into the big bowl and let it cool.

6 Add the remaining 30 grams of pure milk and 50 grams of whipped cream, which is evenly stirred with a doctor blade.

7 Transfer into the ice cream machine, select the alcohol thickness, and the taste can be selected according to your own preferences, wait.

8 time, delicious broth ice cream is completed, eat.

9 is beautiful, and it tastes rich.