"Every girl likes to eat ice cream, but because the ice cream is too cold, eat more than girls, I heard that there is Desserts to make ice cream to eat, and it will not sound, it seems good. There is a coconut. Oil, maple syrup, come to a maple candied coconut, add qi seed, sound seem to be quite good, then continue to open the baking journey of my house homestead, start doing it. In less than 1 hour Finished, with some maple candy wheat, bite, very crisp, the entrance is too good, it can't stop. "


Main material coconut oil 70 grams, 200 grams of low-gluten flour, 30 grams of maple syrup, 10 grams of Chia seed, sweet flavor, roasted process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Maple Candy Coconut Fragrance Practice Steps

1 Prepare ingredients: Coconut oil 70g maple syrup 30g low-gluten flour 200g Chia seed 10g.

2 Place the coconut oil in a glass bowl (coconut oil is solidified at room temperature below 25 ° C).

3 Pour 30 g of maple syrup.

4 Stir well.

5 Pour 200G low-gluten flour.

6 Pour 10 g of Chia seeds.

7 is mixed well.

8 Dig the shape with ice cream, and put it into the baking tray.

9 Oven 150 ° C Grilled for 20 minutes.

10 I really want to bite a bite.

11 It can't stop it.


The temperature of the ice cream ball cannot be too high, otherwise the top will be excessive in color, you can adjust according to your home, or cover the tin paper on it.