"The ice cream made of red strawberries, has a heart-moving pink, tasted the mouth, full of strawberry flavor, fresh and elegant. Add the ice cream of milk, a lot of taste than the purple cream, the heat is also Reduced a lot. After a cup later, enjoy the deliciousness will not have too many burden. "


It is 150 grams of light cream, 150 grams of milk, 2 egg yolk, 150 grams of strawberry,


30 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, baking process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Strawberry ice cream practice steps

1 Materials photo: Light cream, milk, egg yolk, fine sugar ready; strawberry to go, clean.

2 fine sugar, egg yolk in the electric cooker; the fine sand can melt, non-stirring, so that the egg yellow is mature.

3 Pour the milk, mix well, let it cool.

4 Strawberry spoons are pressed into pastes with small particles.

5 Put the egg yolk milk paste, strawberry paste, and light cream into ice cream.

6 Place the stirred barrel in the ice cream machine, cover the cover, select the "ice cream" function, and use it for 55 minutes.

7 Don't have a TWO of the ice cream.

8 digging into the cup to eat.

9 fresh and refreshing strawberry ice cream ~


1. The proportion of light cream and milk is not fixed, more light cream can make the taste more light, alcohol; increase the proportion of milk can make the 口 口 more refreshing; the amount of fine sugar can be adjusted according to the taste; 2. Strawberry can be replaced by other fruits; 3. Eat incomplete ice cream into the covered container, refrigerated into the refrigerator.