"The home has been useless and whipped cream. It is a good choice for a few days. I am afraid that I can't waste it. It is a very good choice, because the child eats, there is no measuring milk liquid, directly use light cream to send, join Sugar or alchemy, equipped with the cranberry you like, can also put Oli Ascend, water, yogurt, etc.


Significant oil 400g, excipient crash 60g, cranberry dry amount, milk flavor, frozen process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Homemade cranberry cream ice cream practice steps

1 Light cream and raspberry ice cream, cold, cool, milky taste.

2 Prepare 400 ml of whipped cream, 40-80 grams of crash milk, and the amount of cranberry.

3 Light cream poured into the oil-free water-free basis, add the appropriate amount of crash.

4 eggbeater is fast, and the good cream is very delicate, and the eggbeater is mentioned, there is a small hook.

5 cranberry dry chopped in cream mix evenly.

6 Prepare a preservation box, put the cream into, flatten, cover the cover, the refrigerator is freezing for 6 hours.

7 When you eat, take it out in advance, you can scrape out delicate cream ice cream.

8 is clean and hygienic ~ real materials.

9 cranberry cream ice cream is made.


1, the refinement is added according to the taste, not sweet, and the general amount is about 15-20 percent, without the replacement of the milk or white sugar. 2, can adjust the match according to self-hobbies, such as adding yogurt, purement, and tea powder, etc..