"A simple and easy to learn to reduce the fat, eliminate you want to eat desserts, worry, the taste is also very good."


The main material is the amount of oatmeal, the accessories banana, the accessories can be cocoa powder, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of oatmeal overnight

1 Take a side box of square box, lay the right amount of oatmeal on the bottom of the container.

2 Tiles with no sugar yogurt on oatmeal.

3 banana slices, tiled on yogurt.

4 Place a layer of yogurt on the banana slices.

5 Repeat the above steps, then shop a layer of oatmeal, a layer of yogurt, a layer of banana tablets, a layer of yogurt.

6 Finally, a layer of cocoa powder is uniform on yogurt, cover the cover, and put it on the refrigerator to eat overnight.


1. There are more yogurt on oatmeal, enough to instree oatmeal.2. Because the banana should choose to make maturity, it is more sweet.3. According to personal hobbies, bananas can be replaced with other fruits, and cocoa powder can also be replaced with meat powder.