"The flour is grinded with dry lotus root. It is a traditional nourishing food that is a long-term reputation. It is also a food that is homologous. It is easy to eat, and it can be eaten from the water. , Glucose, protein, also contains a certain carbohydrate, dietary fiber, and calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and other minerals and a variety of vitamins. It is appropriate to eat some of the flour, which can increase satiety, which is also conducive to reducing other food. Into. Plus a nut, not only make the emptying time of the stomach, but also get more nutritious. The house does not want to open fire or overtime, bind a cup of flour, psychology and physical fitness. "


I mainly osmanthus powder 1 pack, accessories, pistachios, 1 pick-up, Song Ren 1, cranberry, 300 ml, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of nuts

1 osmanthus root a small bag, nuts dried a disc; nuts and varieties can be adjusted.

2 粉 poured into the big cup or bowl.

3 Prepare a teaspoon, from the water dispenser, the water is not stopped with a small spoon, while the water volume increases and the temperature rise, the powder is turned into a transparent.

4 Put the nuts and drones into the embard, eat enthusiasm, sweet and delicate, dry fruit, sweet, fruit sweet, not only satisfying the dessert to eat desserts, and can fill the hunger.

5 糊 香 香 细 精爽!

6 dried fruit crispy!


1. There are also a variety of tastes according to the preferences, depending on the selection of different flavors, different brands have different packaging content, so the amount of water should be added as appropriate; 2. Nuts don't bubble, otherwise I lost the crispy taste, now eat now And keep warm again.