"Recently, the baby school is suspended. Every day, I am hungry at home. I want to eat things in the middle. I have no snacks in my family. I will see that I haven't finished the exhausted to do this."


Main ingredients toast 4 pieces, accessories butter 20g, honey is appropriate,


White sesame, sweet flavor, roasted craft, three times, simple difficulty,

Practical step

1 Toast cut into a stick.

After burning in the 2 pot, the fire is put into butter and bee, because I don't want too much honey and butter, I added a egg liquid (this must turn off the fire, the pot can not be too hot, can slowly solubate slowly Butter is ok, otherwise the egg liquid will get in it, you will get a pot of chicken.

3 Sprinkle a white sesame seed mixing.

4 Put the soil strip quickly let four sides stick sesame (wrap sesame must be fast, otherwise, for a long time.

5 Discouraged with butter and sesame into the baking tray, put it in advance 190-degree preheated oven to roast 20 minutes and then transferred 160 degrees and then baked for 20 minutes. You can take it out (the oven temperature must be based on your own The oven temper is not necessarily made according to my temperature).

6 Baked soils eat very crisp, super delicious.