"This is only a small desserts that is only easy to be love at first sight, only to do a puppy, you don't have to oven. Patement a lot of formulas, find yourself to do the least material (a egg yolk), Mousse There will be a lot of rich, So I decided to add a base - the square mousse cake of the same material, so it is both interesting and not waste of materials. "


Side material, low-gluten flour, 40 grams of orange juice, 50 grams of salad oil, 40 grams of white sugar, 4 eggs, 3 egg yolk, 1-2 white vinegar 1-2 drops, excipient chestnut, 90 grams, milk 65 grams, 110 grams of whipped cream, 20 grams of fine sugar, 6 grams of Geely Ding, 3-5 drops of Junji, 1 egg yolk, black chocolate, sweet taste, baking process, hours time consumption, advanced Difficulty,

Cream chestnut muddy dog ​​practice steps

1 part of the material is shown in the figure.

2 The production step of the cake blank is the "orange foundation", which is temporarily omitted here. As shown, the cake poured into the 8-inch square baking tray of the oil paper, and gently shook a big bubble.

3 Oven 175 degrees preheated, middle, 40 minutes or so, the skin of the cake can be released. Remove the oil paper and buck it on the grilled net.

4 Grilled cakes is just making Mousse. Put the cream cheese, chestnut, fine sugar into the container, heat the heat, heat while heating, while stirring with a scraper or shovel.

5 The material is completely softened, and the electric eggbeater is used to hit the soft uniform.

6 Put the egg yolk, milk in a small pot, mix well with manual eggs, add gillyine, and stand for five minutes. The small pot is placed on the medium and medium fire, while heating, stir while stirring until Geely Dirty is completely dissolved. Turn off, dry until you don't hot.

7 Add the dried egg liquid three times, add the just cheese chestnut paste, add it again and then add another.

8 eggs and chestnut cheese paste, after mixing, in order to make the puppy look better, you can add 3-4 small melted dark chocolates, stir well.

9 After all materials are mixed, add a few drops of wine, and stir well again.

10 Junxi is an orange flavor, adding DESSERTS, there is a flavor, and it is not recommended. Oil cream is hit by electric eggs to 6 distribution, namely: can slowly flow. Pour into the confused paste.

11 is mixed well. As shown in the figure below. Note that it is mixed, don't stir.

12 mousse is done, ready for the puppies, with melted dark chocolate to pre-painted the eyes and nose.

13 Putting the refrigerator for a few minutes, so that it is solidified, pay attention to the freezing, the speed will be very fast. After the chocolate is solidified, the mousse is poured into the puppy mold, pay attention to a small amount, gently adjust the mold while adding the mousse, making the mousse, each area of ​​the container, the foot claw, etc. Or bamboo sticks help, after being filled, the mold will be gently baked, and the big bubble is shocked, and Mousse is more uniform.

14 Put the refrigerator freezer, freezing for more than 5 hours. Only to do a puppy, it has been completed here. Then make a cake base. Use an Okama square mousse mold in the amount of the cake, remove the extra edge.

15 Cake the cake on a Slice.

16 Mousse Mold is well used with tin foil, pay attention to flat.

17 Put the first cake, pour it into a Half mousse.

18 Gently cover the second piece of cake on the mousse liquid, finish flat, pour the remaining mousse.

19 Spread the mousse of the surface.

20 Put the refrigerator for 5 hours, pay attention, before the frozen, here can be used. The following work is to combine the cake ~ take out the mousse cake after solidification, blow a few turns along the edge of the hair dryer, and take the mousse mold.

21 On the surface of Mousse Cake, a layer of cocoa powder is placed on a puppy, and then a small green plant (mint leaf) is decorated.

22 love it, eat it ~ 咔咔 ~

23 cakes did not hesitate to cut, and I can't do it for puppies ~ O (∩_∩) o ~


1. Mousse only with a mousse of egg yolk is more enough, there will be a lot of remaining. Classics who have not started in the oven can buy ready-made cake from the cake shop. The hierarchical pad is in the glass and make a good Mousse. Will not waste material not tired. 2, 奶 油 油.. I don't need to make soft soft, different types of coagulants pay attention to the use of different types of solidifiers. 3, Mousse little dog must be patient, gently separately separate the mold of the leg, and then separate other parts, and be sure to make it lightly. 4, the puppy mold is equally suitable for the shape of chocolate ice cream, making it easier, demolding easier.