"I have a lot of chestnut mud for Mousses, the remaining divided bags are frozen, about 200 grams of each bag. I want to check the thawing effect, and I find this square. Hand's glutinous rice There is not much powder storage, and some corn starch is added. The effect of finished ice skin, and the fever is sweet and delicious. "


Main material pumpkins 170 grams, Glutinous Rice powder 100 grams, corn starch 70 grams, canned chestnut mud 200 grams, excipient dark chocolate, sweet flavor, steam process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of Sui Rong Pumpkin

1 pumpkin cut small piece, put it in a big bowl, cover the film, the edge, the slit, the microwave "high fire" heating for about 8 minutes, until the soft. (This step can also be used to steam pumpkins using a steamer.)

2 Pump pumpkins in the mud 2 hot, and add a mixed glutinous rice powder and corn starch.

3 The above materials are smashed into a uniform and smooth dough.

4 Pull the dough into a boss and cut into a dipner of around 20 grams. Note: A small piece of dough is reserved here for the production of chocolate (or cocoa powder) to make "pumpki".

5 Put the doses simple round. Then use the same method to handle chestnut mud, divided into 14 uniform doses, and round.

6 Pumpkins Different in the water content, if it is biased, it is not easy to make a film, which can give the dose before the production of the dosage, and the uniform is uniform.

7 Pinch the dose by hand into a flat round thick piece, enhance the chestnut mud.

8 pinch the tightening, rolling the circle, and then push it into a flat circle. Push out the stripe stripes on the side of the fork.

9 Add a little dark chocolate (or cocoa powder) to the previously reserved small pieces, mix well, as a material of pumpkini.

10 Use the finger tip to put "pumpkin" to "pumpkin".

11 cold water, steam for about 15 minutes.

After 12 turning, open the lid immediately, and you can eat it to warm heat.

13 tasteful taste ~


1, the proportion of pumpkin mud and powder is 1: 1, the original formula's powder is all Glutinous Rice powder, and the taste should be more soft. 2, canned chestnut mud is relatively high, the pumpkin itself has sweet, no need to add sugar. 3, if the dough is biased, can be added with a small amount of water to adjust. 4, warm and warm taste is best.