"The next TWO only bean milk box is sweet ~ I said if you must make a decreased sugar version ~ This dessert is delicate and soft ~ there is a rich soy milk incense ~"


Main material Octagon square 戚 wind cake blank 1, 150 grams of whipped cream, 20 grams of sugar + 50 grams, cream cheese 100 grams, Soybean Milk200 ml, egg yolk, 30 grams of low-gluten flour, accessories soy flour, sweet Fragrant flavor, roasted craft, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of soy milk box

1 Special raw material is the cream cheese and whipped cream TWO, as shown, large supermarket refrigeration areas can generally be found.

Stir cooked fried with soy flour 2 small fire.

3 Send a bean fragrant, slightly yellow. The fried soy bean powder has a watery with anhydrous oil-free oil, and it is cool and ready to use it. If you buy ready-made cooked yellow powder, this step can be omitted.

4 Make Soybean Milk I originally wanted to use the juice machine, but the prior skin bean is more troublesome, I often make more peaceful ~ surely use the normal Soybean Milk machine drying function.

5 The slurry of the game is also fragrant. Soybean Milk To filter with the fine yarn network, this step is important, otherwise it affects the taste.

6 Make the bean milk small pot release egg yolk + sugar and mix well, sieve low powder, stir well.

7 points poured into Soybean Milk and mix well. At this time, Soybean Milk may be hot, be sure to slow.

8 Heat the above-mentioned stirred liquid is hot, and stirring until it is slightly boiling. A cool cool.

9 normal temperature cream cheese manually stirred down to smooth, mix well with cool Soybean Milk paste.

10 bean and fragrant soy milk is done, let it cool.

11 Time to dry the Soybean Milk can be used to send cream, whipped cream + white sugar, electric hit it.

12 Pieces of the cake blank into three pieces.

13 Put the bean milk sauce and cream sauce into the silk bag, pay attention, do not try to use the applied method, because everything is in the box, it is difficult to operate.

14 Combination: Take a piece of cake in the bottom of the box and squeeze about one-third of soy milk.

15 Squeeze up with about one-third of cream.

16 over fine sieve, bean powder.

17 put a layer of cake tablets, gently press the uniform, repeat the above process ~ The top layer of the cake sheet is on the simultaneous shape of Sauce. OK.

18 Finally, a layer of soy flour is sieved.

19 Straw the refrigerator for 4 hours.

20 Refreshing sweet soy milk box is doing well.

The 21 angle can also be used as a bean milk cup to taste as good.

22 tastes rich ~ every scoop is big enough ~ 咔咔 ~ o (∩_∩) o ~


Oil cream can increase or decrease according to personal preferences ~