"Naked Cake", as the name refers to the outer layer of the cake does not apply a cream or cream, completely present the material of the cake embryo and cake sandwich. There is between the layer stacked cake, add a soft smooth Cream with fresh fruit, or fell in flowers, showing all the original ingredients of the original ingredients, but has formed a natural beauty that returns to the true, full of primitive temptation. Quicker blueberries, like fruit The little prince in the kingdom, wearing a cute five corner, with a white snowflakes, as if they have just played in the snow. Mature blueberries are widely beautiful deep purple blue, frustrated crystal clear, surface wrapped A layer of white fruit cream contains rich nutrients that prevent the sidth of the blueberry from evaporating. And the blueberry has a rich anthocyanin, there is a unique antioxidant function. A whole blueberry is put in your mouth, sweet in your sweet Microic acid, abundant juice in the oral cavity. "


130 grams of eggs, 120 grams of fine sugar, 12 grams of transformation sugar, 181 grams of low-gluten flour, 3 grams of bream powder, 300 ml of butter, 300 ml of lemon dandruff, 300 ml, excipient blueberry, sweet taste, baking Process, time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Fancy Blueberry Naked Cake Practice Steps

1 egg, sugar, transforming sugar mix, hairpin to viscous oysters, pour in flour, stirring powder stirring into no powder.

2 Pour the melted butter mixed into the melted butter in the middle of the faucet, and then mix the lemon dandruff and mix well.

3 The oven is preheated at 160 ° C in advance, pour the batter into the mold, and then put it in the middle layer of the oven for 35 minutes.

4 cakes are baked and then removed. Cooling, cutting a few layers, creams are sent to stabilize, and the blueberries are cleared.

5 cakes After roasting, the mold is removed, the middle is cut, and the cream is placed on the mezzanine and the surface, put it in blueberries.

6 Finally, a cream is placed on the surface of the cake, sprinkle with sugar, and decorate with flowers and grass.


Transforming sugar makes the cake taste more soft and delicious. Alternative sugar is replaced.