"Fruit puts pears and mango"


Main material six-inch cake bottom 1 piece, milk 50g, yogurt 300g, accessories green Apple QQ sugar 60g, water 70g, Geely Dirty film 3 40g, pear HALF, large mango HALF, fruit taste, baking process, hoursTime-consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of yogurt fruit mousse cake

1 Preparation of ingredients.

2 pears and mango peel cutting blocks.

3 cakes are smaller than six-inch cakes, put them into the mold, Geely Ding film first with blisters, then add 50g of milk, and heat it with water.

4 cake slices are placed, and there is a gap on the edge.

5 mango, pear, yogurt, glowing liquid with a juicer to squeeze your yogus, pour into the cake tablet, pick up the refrigerator for 2 hours.

6qq sugar plus water put a small bowl, after the water is heated, let it cool.

7 Remove from the refrigerator.

8 To dry the cool QQ sugar, slowly pour it, put the refrigerator and then refrigerate one night.

9 Take out the release.

10 finished products.

11 finished products.

12 finished products.