"Simple production, especially suitable for classmates who don't like or not suitable for eating ice products."


Significant eggs, 20 grams of fine sugar, 500 grams of pure milk, 100 grams of excipient white sugar, 125 ml of water, milk flavor, roasted process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Caramel egg dunks practice steps

1 Do a caramel color. According to 100 grams of white sugar, the proportion of 125 ml of water is made. Put the sugar into the cooker and add three quarters of water, and about a quarter of the water to be used. In the middle, the sugar is boiled, and the mixture is stirred with a spoon, so that the sugar is always maintained in the boiling state. Until the sugar water into a red brown thick syrup, stop stirring, rapidly pouring the remaining quarter water into the pot. (I will "stab" when water in caramel, there is a small splash, the action is fast.) Caramel is ready, pick it up into the pudding container, let it cool.

2 To dry the cooling process to make the pudding. Four eggs, 20 grams of fine sugar, mix and mix. 500 grams of pure milk, heated to 60-80 degrees (do not boil). The heated milk slowly poured into the egg liquid and stirred while stirring (prevent the egg liquid from being hot).

3 Put the pudding into the pudding container with caramel, and the baking tray will be as soon as soon as soon as soon as soon as above, put the pudding container, put it in the oven, about 30 minutes, grilled to the pudding epithelium.

4 Cool to room temperature, put it into the refrigerator refrigerator, refrigerated for more than 3 hours, remove, can be enjoyed, o (∩_∩) o ~ bottom good-looking caramel layer ~

5 plus the dry is delicious ~

6 milk is rich, sweet and smooth ~

7 can you take early ~


The refrigerator is refrigerated, and the cold classmates can take out the temperature and consumption, without preservatives, try to finish within 24 hours.