"Fried fresh milk is a special snack of these years. It is not very complicated. It is not very difficult to DIY at home. Healthy and health! "


Ingredients 250g, 1 egg yolk, 15g of sugar, corn starch 25g, 1 piece of cheese, auxiliary full range of delicious, milk flavor, frying process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulties,

Fried milk practice steps

1 Prepare all the ingredients, put egg yolk, sugar powder, corn starch, pure milk in a non-sticky pan, heat, gently mix well with a doctor blade.

2 Then put the cheese piece in, and mix it again. (When heating, be sneaked while heating, stir, can not stop)

3 When cooking to the mixed liquid, the HALF is flowing. (Be sure to leave the fire immediately after the fire, prevent the remaining temperature from continuing to heat)

4 Pour the cooked milk paste into the mold, smooth, cover the plastic film, and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours or directly on the night.

5 Push the solidified milk block on the board, cut into small pieces, shape according to personal preferences.

6 Put the milk block into the barbed basket, brush the egg liquid, the baking disk to be baked on the pad.

7 Put the air fried oven, 180 fry for about 10 minutes.

8 Baked to the surface of the caramel color, you can take it out. (Watch the surface color at any time, you can achieve your personal satisfaction)


1 2, the grilled temperature follows the time according to its own oven, discretion.