"Simple sweet desserts made in 5 minutes. The taste is bomb, there is chewy and silky, you can do a variety of tastes, you can add coconut milk or milk, add fruit and honey beans, I am more lazy to add milk."


Animal amount of cassava starch, accessories of milk,


Sugar amount, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,


1 Add appropriate amount of sugar in water.

2 Bolish water into hot, must be hot, don't turn it back into non-Newton fluid or special sticky hand.

3 Turn a small amount of water to the tapacoca starch multiple times.

4 into the dough.

5 成.

6 cut into Ding.Water is thrown into the pot, boil outside and transparent and float.

7 is over cold water and add milk or coconut milk.


Water must be hot, and a small amount is plus, can not be added to too many, will become a Newton fluid or special sticky hand.