"Proteose practice and materials are very simple, but it is not easy to make a successful stable protein sugar, the successful protein sugar pattern is clear, the color is pure and beautiful, one is small and lovely, the taste is crispy Crisp, the entrance is instant, the baby can also eat, Bao Ma is not relieved to buy snacks, may wish to do such a protein sugar, and the egg yolk can make a small egg yolk cookie (I shared in the previous recipe article) Formula and practice of egg yolk cakes) This Two eggs can make a large pile of different styles, different taste, different taste of small snacks, super cost-effective. The production of protein sugar has a key point, for success No, the decisive effect, the first is the amount of sugar, but the sugar does not only increase the effect of adding sweetness, but also a stable protein, only stable protein cream can make a pattern stereo Protein sugar, maybe you will think this sweetness is a bit too sweet, but it is possible to make a failure. The second is the temperature of the bake, the color of the protein is white, or there is a slight pan yellow, this requires The baking temperature is accurate, the high temperature allows the color of the protein to color, or even folatening, the temperature is low, which will affect the shape of the protein sugar, and the collapse is not clear. There is also the judgment of the degree of protein. It is also very important. All key points are grasped, and you can make a successful protein sugar. "


Ingredients and egg white 70g, excipient fine sugar 35g,


Corn starch 25g, sweet taste, roasted process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Protein sugar practice steps

1 protein sugar is very simple, and the egg clear is joined in anhydrous oil-free dry basin, and the fine sugar is mixed with corn starch.

2 Electric eggbeater opens high speed to send egg whites, send to a large fish eye, start to add sugar for the first time, add one-third, premature sugar will inhibit the hair of proteins.

3 With the development of the hair, the protein frost becomes delicate, the bubble began to become small, the second addition of sugar, add one-third of the remaining, and continued to drive high speed.

4 When you have a pattern, you will have a ripple. When you mention the eggbeater, you will have a sharp corner. When the bubble is more delicious, the remaining sugar is poured in, and the electric egg beater is driven forward, and carefully Observe the state of protein frost.

5 The ultimate state is hard to send, that is, the slumper is short and firm, and the protein in the basin has obvious stack of sensations, and it is good.

6 Put into the silk flower bag, the puzzle is installed in advance in the pocket.

7 baking trays must be paved in advance, and there is no oil in protein sugar, and it is not paved with oil.

8 I use the Beccui K85Pro wind oven, which can be used in multi-layers, select the wind oven mode for preheating, temperature 100 degrees, time is 60 minutes.

9 formula can bake 2 large discs, time, remove the baking tray, dry the cool and release, easy to release it with a doctor blade.

10 Because the protein sugar content is high, it is easy to get back soft, so it must be sealed in time to keep the crispy mouth.