"Want to retain the taste of autumn, can only look at the table in the table. After cleaning the yard, after cleaning the baking, he became the best natural purifier of caramel Bud, in In this winter, a bowl of warm osmanthus caramel bud, warm is not only stomach, but also your heart. "


Ingredients 5, milk 250g, whipped cream 250g, oolong tea, 30g of white sugar, fresh osmanthus, sweet taste, roasted craft, three times, simple difficulties, simple difficulty,

The practice steps for osmanthus caramel buds

1 Prepare the ingredients.

2 fresh cinnamon picking pedicers, impurities with black osmanthus.

3 Pour into the water and soak for ten minutes, remove the extra water.

4 Pour on the tin paper of the baking tray, the oven is preheated by 100 degrees for 45 minutes.

5 Pour the milk into the milk pot, then pour the white sugar, oolong tea with osmanthus, open a small fire slowly, gently stir the adhesive, boil the tea, filter out the milk tea.

6 Eggs are separated from egg yolk, adding white sugar to stir even.

7 milk tea is poured into the egg yolk.

8 pudding fluid is stirred evenly and filtered into the mold.

9 Oven preheating 170 degrees, baked for 35 minutes, take out the surface to sprinkle the amount of white sugar, spray the surface of the light, until amber is there.