"Chi Bean is quite high in the folk health status, there is a wet, etc. Soup, which can be described as a solar flow. The tangerine, the tangerine peel, the time, the longer, the deeper color, the better the effect. If you usually put the meat, you can use the TWO block, you will be very good and generic. There are too many foods and food, get angry. Daily diet plus a few tangeries, and the role of phlegm. Use broken cooking machine to make red beans, tangerine, bronger, and smooth, one drink, it can be used as hot drinks, It can also be a health soup, the goods are genuine, but it is much better than the high price nutrients! "


Ingredients 1 bowl of red beans, 1 piece of tangerine peel, 1 gumble flower, more water, etc.


2 pieces of black sugar, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Practice of red bean tangerine soup

1 red bean in advance, foam;

2 black sugar 2 pieces, can be used in bulk;

More than 3 years old, the longer the year, the better;

41 干 花;

5 red beans, black sugar, tangerine peel into the broken wall, add appropriate amount of water; how much water is adjusted, I like to drink less water, I like to drink more water;

6 Easily got it with the "thick soup" program of the broken cooker, and then pour it into the cup, and you can eat a little gummita.

7 red bean tangerine soup, fragrant sweet, delicate taste!


1. Several ingredients are not fixed, you can eat more black sugar or brown sugar, don't like sweet, you can do it slightly in the bean soup, add appropriate amount of honey to adjust the wind; 2. The longer, the better the therapeutic effect; the heavens are not necessarily to put, put some aroma, more promotion;