"Silver ear includes natural colloid, nourishing yin, moistening the effect, insisting on drinking silver ear soup to moisturize skin, beauty beauty. Purple potato is rich in selenium and anthocyanins, selenium is anti-cancer material, and anthocyano is aOrganic active antioxidants, anti-cancer, anti-aging


Ingredients purple potato one, silver ear Half, excipient Wolfberry10g,


Yellow rock sugar, sweet taste, stewed process, one hour time consumption, simple difficulty,

Purple potato peak

1 Iron ear is cleaned and torn.

2 purple potato peeled small pieces.

3wolfberry is cleaned.

4 Pour the silver ear into the health pot.

5 Add appropriate amount of water.

6 Press the silver ear function to set the time for one hour.

7HALF was poured into the purple potato.

8 There are ten minutes left on a rock sugar.

9 Finally placed in Wolfberry.

10 purple potato silver glossy water is done ~


Fresh silver fur does not need to be soaked, the purple potato can be replaced into sweet potatoes, yam, etc.