"Sweet Ferment Rice, plus, plus soft small circles, but also the brown sugar of qi blood, with a blood and beauty, warm green stomach, drink and nutrition, highly recommended, women should drink more."


Ingredients Sweet Ferment Rice200g, small circle 100g, accessories Wolfberry mode,


Brown sugar TWO, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice step of brown sugar Sweet Ferment rice

1 Prepare the required ingredients.

2 boiled water and poured into the small circle.

3 Cook until the small circle all floats.

4 Remove the cold water.

5 other pots, water, pour it into Sweet Ferment Rice.

6 Put brown sugar.

7 Put Wolfberry.

8 finally put the small circle.

9 Cook to brown sugar melts.

10 a bloody soup is doing it.

11 Winter is afraid of cold, you can eat such a sweet awkward.


The frozen small circles should be cooked for a few minutes, until it is full, all floats.