Main material Ejiao 20g, red dates 4, Wolfberry 10g, 2 eggs,


15g of ginger red sugar, moderate amount of water, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Ejiao ginger red sugar egg soup practice steps

1 Prepare an Ejiao.

2 All ingredients: Knobs Ejiao Block, Ginger Red Sugar, Eggs, Red Date, Wolfberry.

3 red dates to check the block.

4 Put the water in the pot and pour it into the gelatin.

5 Pour the red dates, Wolfberry.

6 Rede the gelatin with a spoon.

7 cook for 10 minutes.

8 Put the Two egg.

9 cook for 5 minutes.

10 Finally put ginger red sugar.

11 ginger red sugar can be turned off after boiling.

12 finished products.Suitable for nourishing best products in winter, Yiqi blood, beauty and beauty.