"Clear cool mint is used to do a drink, shredded the ice cream, although the color does not have fresh leaves, but the taste is very unique. The cool ice cream, because of mint sauce, more With a cool taste, you are not happy with your own ideas. "


It is 150 grams of light cream, 120 grams of milk, 2 egg yolk, 50 grams of mint leaves,


30 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, other processes, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of mint ice cream

1 Materials photo: Light cream, milk, egg yolk, fine sugar is ready; mint leaves and tender branches are clean.

2 a Half milk, fine sugar, egg yolk in an electric cooker.

3 Use the smallest firepower to melt it, keep stirring, so that the egg yolk is ripe, and then use it after cooling.

4 A Half milk and mint leaves are in the mixer, and they are stirred into a mint.

5 Put the egg yolk milk paste, mint milk, and light cream in the ice cream mixture.

6 Place the stirred barrel in an ice cream machine, cover the cover, select the "ice cream" function, and use it for 45 minutes.

7 This is the completed mint ice cream, and you can eat into the cup.

8-wheeled ice cream, clear cool, refreshing and heat ~


1. The proportion of light cream and milk is not fixed. If you want to eat more light, you can increase the amount of whipped cream, you want to eat clear milk, can increase milk usage; fine sugar amount can be adjusted according to taste. 2, dried fruits to be placed in ice cream can be stirred, or it can be sprinkled after the ball is entered. 3. If you can't eat ice cream into the covered container, refrigerate in the refrigerator.