"Raw materials: 2 (slice) of red dates (slice) Yam 350g Wolfberry mode Sweet Ferment rice is a small amount of brown sugar, a small piece of rock sugar, Glutinous Rice powder 130g water is appropriate


Ingredients 350g, Wolfberry, 3 (slice), Glutinous Rice powder 130g, accessories for water,


Brown sugar, a small piece of rock sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Sweet Ferment Ricewolfberry Jujube Mountain Circular Soup Practice Steps

1 Wash the yam after cleaning, cut into the bowl, put into the high pressure cooker.

2 Take the cooked yam, press the heat fork into the mud.

3 Mix the mountain pills with Glutinous Rice powder, add the appropriate amount of water to the group.

4 The Yam Glutinous Rice Powder is brought into a small round.

5 Burning a pot of water, and put it into the circle after water.

6 Add red dates, put the right amount of brown sugar seasoning (not too sweet, mainly coloring).

7 Put a small piece of rock sugar.

8 and other rounds all float, put Sweet Ferment Rice and Wolfberry.

9 out of the pot.

10 breakfast with.

11 Come, add the silver ear with eggs.