"Summer is already officially arrived, Beijing's highest temperature has reached 36 degrees, this year, the son is big, not well controlled before it is good to eat snacks, 说 说 根 管 管It is also acceptable, just afraid to eat more affecting health, so I bought a lot of molds, which specializes in doing small roots for my son, so every time I eat a few mouthfuls, we don't have to worry, big A little big people in the home of the ice cream eat, so I can eat a worship, I can do other tastes next weekend, the child is not greasy, save money, health, why not. When you have done a snow cream After that, it will find that it is really simple. If you don't make a crispy, you can refrigerate the refrigerator. When you wait until you eat, you will be a crispy, and you will save yourself because of the crispy No need to freeze a long time, you can eat it immediately. In fact, this Orly Austrian cream ice cream is also very delicious, adding crisp, adding a flavor, increasing the flavor. "


Significant oil 180g, sugar powder 40g, milk 120g, ombggio, Olio Cook 50g, accessories 90g,


Coconut oil 20g, sweet taste, frozen process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practices for Oliols cream brittle ice cream

1 milk pot to add egg yolk and sugar powder (30 grams), mix and mix with the egg. 2. Add milk again to stir again. Good egg milk sauce poured into the bowl and cool.

2 Time to send a cream, and the light cream is fully refrigerated for more than 24 hours, add sugar (10 grams) electric eggbeater, high-speed development, to the three-dimensional state of the ripple 7. Let the cool egg milk sauce poured into the hair In the cream, mix well with the scraper, add the Olio cake, mix well, so the Oliofo cream ice cream paste, prepare the ice cream mold, pour the cake paste, shock a few shocks, cover The cover can be frozen in the refrigerator. At least one night, it can be frozen.

3 I have done a lot of specifications, I will check it out, and I can release it.

4 to make crispy, chocolate, add coconut oil, heat the water, pour in a deeper cup, poured the frozen ice cream to the chocolate fluid, and solidify in the freezer.

5 bite a bite, the chocolate bricks combines the taste of cream, but also eat Olio cake, it is too satisfied.

6 small specifications to eat for children, a no burden.