"There is a cotton candy in the Spring Festival to make a cow, use it to be a snow cream, just a cotton candy and milk this TWO style food, it is too simple!"


Main material cotton candy 50g, pure milk 250g, accessories ice cream membrane proper amount, sweet flavor, boiled process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Homemade cotton candy ice cream practice steps

1 Prepare marshmallows, pure milk and ice cream membrane.

2 Pour the milk into the small milk pot and add marshmallows.

3 Small fire is cooked, stir it with a spoon to mix rice candidates thoroughly.

4 Filter over the milk with a sieve.

5 Pour to the ice cream film when you are dry to warmth, first insert the ice cream stick in, I forgot to put it inside, cover it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours.

6 latina, beautiful bunny ice cream, simple materials, simple operation, children like it.