"This may be the simplest popsicle approach online, just a bowl of red beans, a bottle of yogurt, you can make a delicious red bean yogurt."


Significant red beans, yogurt, perfume white sugar, sweet taste, other process, time consuming, simple difficulty

Red bean yoghurt povestry practice steps

1 Red Beans Wash soaked for more than 12 hours, yogurt is trying to use more thick, ready for white sugar.

2 red bean cleaning 12 hours or more, put in rice cooker, add appropriate amount of water, and start cooking according to the cooking program.

3 After the cooking process, look at the mature situation of the beans, if you use your hand, you can get bad, then you can, if you still have a little hard, then you have to re-cooked once. The best state of boiled red beans is that it is soft but not burst.

4 Cooked red beans and remove the water. Add a ready white sugar or honey. Focus! ! ! When fishing, you must control the dry water, and the popsicles that do not control the dry water are easy to have ice.

5 Add yogurt and mix well. Yogurt and honey beans have not weighed, but the probably volume ratio of honey beans and yogurt is 3: 2, yogurt should be branded, but try to eat more delicious.

6 Mix a mixed red bean yogurt directly into the prepared pops mold, gently shake.

7 Cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

8 After the freeze is good, it can be edited. No added summer food, simple and fast! Come try it!