"How can you get away from ice cream, especially the crispy ice cream, is really my favorite, especially easy to do, can be double delicious, delicate and smooth, and chocolate taste."


Significant oil cream 350 grams, 120 grams of crash, can be 50 grams of powder, 20 grams of tea powder,


50 grams of coconut oil, 100 grams of dark chocolate, sweet taste, frozen process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,

Ultra-simple crispy ice cream ice cream practice steps

1 Let's make ice cream, 350 grams of light cream, send to 5-6 points.

2 Add 120 grams of refinement milk and 50 grams of powder.

3 Contact stir.

4 Stir until the cocoa powder is completely opened, and it can be smooth.

5 Load the box mold and ice cream mold.

6 freeze 4-6 hours.

7 Let's make tea ice cream, 350 grams of whipped cream, send to 5-6 points. Add 120 grams of refinement, 20 grams of tea powder, stir until the tubular powder is completely opened.

8 Load box molds and ice cream molds.

9 freeze 4-6 hours or so.

10 and other ice creams are frozen until the settings, we can prepare chocolate crispy.

11 coconut oil 50 grams, 100 grams of dark chocolate, is placed in a basin.

12 The insulation is evenly melted.

13 Pour in a cup that is almost the size of the ice cream.

14 Frozen bristled ice cream is ready to use.

15 and other chocolate fluids drops around 36-38 ° C, insert the ice cream into the chocolate liquid, then come up to wait for the chocolate, and then it will be fine.

16 put the ice cream in the foam, waiting for the shell to hard.

17 By the way, a few ice cream have been made.

18 is also a few spoons of ice cream

19 This can be eaten directly, or you can continue to refrigerate the refrigerator.

20 can't wait to eat, the outer skin is crisp, and the intravenous ice is super sweet, the entrance is instant.

21 The entrance is delicate and smooth, absolutely comparable to the dream dragon, the chocolate taste and the smell tea flavor.

How can I get away from ice cream 22 in the summer? Especially the crispy ice cream is really my favorite.

23 is easy to do, can be double delicious, delicate and smooth, and the chocolate flavor is rich.


1. The chocolate briquette can be added to the briquette and increase the taste. 2, as well as coconut oil can be replaced with mozzilic butter, but I feel that the coconut oil is better, the coconut oil is unique, which contains a neutral fatty acid, which can accelerate the speed of digestion, and will not be hoarded in the body.