"Summer is extra hot this summer, so I also prepared the popsicles early. There is an original juice machine, and there is a popsicle mold. There is also the most important refrigerator, Tianxians, and popsicles. The cream is delicious, However, the heat is also high, and the heat of a cream and poppicious is not going to with the Half bowl. It seems to go to the summer and thirst, but it is invisible to make his waist around it. The frozen stick made with natural fruits and vegetables is refreshing. Eating tomatoes, even if the acid can be accepted; but if you make it a popsicle, it is too light, so I joined the passion fruit and about 30 grams of honey. After the popsicles are freeze, you can love, eat I still feel a little sour when I am, but the fresh taste is actually remained, and the unique hundreds of rude fruit has added a charm for this low fat pops. "


INDUSTROM 1, 3 pass of fruit, 30 grams of excipient honey, sour taste, other processes, hours time consumption, ordinary difficulty,

Toma passion fruit honey popsicle practices

1 Tomato and Passion fruit wash clean.

2 tomatoes to go, cut small pieces.

3 Use the juice machine to extract tomato juice, the residue is abandoned.

4 hundred fragrant fruit meat used a small spoon, the seeds did not discard it, and they had a taste.

5 Pour the bauxi and juice into tomato juice, then pour the appropriate amount of honey; the sweetness of tomatoes and passion fruit is different, the personal taste is different, the honey is added as appropriate, you want the pops, after mixing, taste it, It's right than the frozen taste is right; if you just want the cold taste, honey can not add or add it.

6 Wash the clean silicone popsicle mold in advance to prepare, pour the mixed vegetables and vegetables, 9-10 points.

7 Cover the lid, put it in the ice cleans, send it into the refrigerator freezer, freezing for more than 6 hours, completely and more consumption.

8 This is a freezing popsicle, and gently release the silicone mold. If you have a photo of the photo like this, prepare some ice in advance, insert the popsicle into the ice cubes, even if you take a photo for 10 minutes, you don't have to worry about the popsicles.

9 tomato passion fruit honey popsicles, sweet and sour and thin, heat!


1, the texture of pure vegetable juice, the seeds of the passion fruit will also affect the speed and effect of the frozen, so it has to be frozen for a long time. It can be refined in the mouth, and will not cause the spleen and stomach to be cold and uncomfortable; The popsicles are natural without any additives. It is best to eat in 1 week to prevent excessive longness of frozen in the refrigerator and affect the taste and phase.