"The last little whipped cream, or a ice cream solves, the most resursored practice, especially suitable for lazy cancer at the late + extreme severe drag - banana, but the color is very shallow, it is very easy to brown, with white The cream is added together, becomes a shallow gray. "


Sub-material banana, 130 grams of light cream, 80 grams of self-made no sugar, 60 grams of sugar, 65 grams of apricot, 1 pinch, milk flavor, baking process, hours, simple difficulty,

Dried banana ice cream practice steps

1 料: 2 bananas, 130 grams of whipped cream, 80 grams of self-made sugar-free yoghurt, 40 + 20 grams of sugar, salt, 65 grams of apricot.

2 Banana peeled, cut small pieces, put into a big bowl with my yogurt, and smashed into the mud.

3 Add 40 grams of sugar.

4 Stir well, standby.

5 Light cream add the remaining sugar and stir it with egg.

6 Play the terraced field texture and the buckle does not fall.

7 Add banana mud, mix well, continue to send for 2 minutes.

8 Put into some chopped apricots, mix well.

9 Pour into the container. Sprinkle the remaining apricots, cover the cover, and put the refrigerator to freeze.

10 take out the room temperature, slightly back, and dig it with a spoon.


1, the proportion of bananas and whipped cream can be adjusted at will. 2, using commercial yogurt or sugar yogurt can also be added in banana mud.