"The climate is dry, often drink some juice, more nutritious than eating fruit, especially suitable for the elderly and children, often drink juice can supplement nutrition and supplement moisture. Juice I like to do it at home, simple and fast, important is the original Juice original, no added, delicious and healthy. "


Made of milk 1 box, accessories red hearts, taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Poppofu Milkshaldion Practice Steps

1 red hearts.

2 red heart grapefruit leaves seeds to seed, pick the film, tear.

3 The amount of cups comes with the shift machine, and puts 3 cups with this amount of cups to put into the broken wall.

4 When you pour it into the broken wall, you look very much, the first use, the quantity in the specification table, it is also possible.

5 Add milk to 300ml.

6 Cover the cup cover, turn on the power, function key to select juice, start the power, and the wall is automatically started.

7 After starting the power, it is OK for about 3 minutes. The automatic cleaning function is very practical. After falling out of the juice, directly add the water to automatically clean, which is too convenient.

8 poured into the cup, just this big cup, drink and nutritious. One cup, one person or Two people are just good, ingredients are not wasteful.